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7-Day Holistic Yoga Challenge

Happening September 2022: this only happens twice a year.


The Body Mind Soul (BMS) Detox Challenge teaches on & off the mat chakra yoga practices that’ll help build your holistic toolkit, break free from self-defeating bullshit, and reclaim your wholeness.

what you get

Daily Chakra Yoga Classes

Feel grounded, empowered and fulfilled with daily chakra yoga classes taught by me, Allie. All classes are pre-recorded to fit your schedule.

Daily Live Chakra Trainings

Take your practice off the mat with daily live calls where you'll learn about & experience the modern chakra system.

Welcome & Closing Ceremonies

Bookend your challenge with intention setting, mantra & mudra practices, spiritual connection, and celebration.

Private Pop Up Facebook Group

Feel less alone & meet like-hearted humans who want to be on the same learning, growing and evolving journey.

Challenge Workbook

A daily companion that will enrich your 7-day challenge experience. Keep it near your mat, and bring it to every live training event.

Daily Emails

Start each day with focus, purpose, and your daily assignments, plus get helpful reminders so you never miss a live training.


Challenge doors open twice a year, sign up here to join us in September!

Bonus Goodies!

Yoga prizes given away at every live session!

3 people who complete the entire challenge will win a BMS Studio annual membership!

Value: $396
challenge Details

7 Chakra Yoga Classes
7 Live Chakra Trainings
Real & Relatable Community

September 2022


Meet your Yoga Teacher

Hi, I’m Allie! I’m a yoga seeker & student like you, 800 hour certified teacher, international retreat leader, founder of the best damn yoga community (the Body Mind Soul Studio), wife to my 13 year one-night-stand husband, and mama to Scarlett Rose (my newest title). Although I started yoga for the workout, I quickly realized that it has more to offer than single poses or surface-level “lose weight, get fit” promises.

Today, I serve hundreds of practitioners through the BMS Studio where we share transformative on & off the mat yoga experiences; experiences that empower you to lead a wholesome, fulfilling life by leveraging the *whole* yoga practice.



Challenge doors open twice a year, sign up here to join us in September!

Buzz from the BMS DETOX Family

“Feeling 1000x better than I did before I started the detox challenge. I’m definitely going to repeat it, thank you Allie & the  yoga fam.”


“Amazing week, you have taught me so much! Day 6 off-the-mat class and visualization were amazing. Thank you for everything.”


“I loved this challenge, it was everything I didn’t know I needed. Thank you to the fam for being so supportive, loving and caring”


“Through this challenge, I found myself again. I cleaned my place like crazy, worked out for the first time in months, signed up for the BMS Studio, and I’ve been using the on & off the mat tools daily.”


“This week has been amazing, where to start. I’m feeling relaxed, excited, inspired, and humbled by all the sharing, learning and chanting. What a week, thank you!”


“The detox challenge reignited my internal flame, helping me burn away the desire to cut myself down. I am good enough & I’m a work in progress.”


“Small confession… I’m SO INTO this. Where have Allie & the team been? This entire space – the people, knowledge, everything – is exactly what I’ve been searching for.”

got questions?

What exactly am I detoxing?

Great question! You’ll be cleansing and connecting with each of your energetics centers (aka the chakras) – so you can feel less fragmented and more WHOLE.

What style of yoga are the classes?

The classes follow the 7-step modern chakra system and are a mix of hatha, vinyasa, and gentle styles with pranayama, yoga psychology, and yoga philosophy woven in.

Can I access the yoga classes when it works for me?

Yes! The daily on-the-mat classes are pre-recorded so you can unroll your mat at a time that works best for you (morning, noon or night).

When are the live training calls?

You’ll receive a live call calendar upon sign up with the dates and times that we’ll be gathering.

What if I miss a live training?

No worries- we record all live calls so you can replay them at your convenience.

Is this for beginners or veteran yogis?

The BMS Detox is perfect for beginners AND seasoned yoga lovers. Beginners will be thoughtfully guided through poses and learn a wealth of knowledge, while more advanced participants will refresh their souls by going even deeper with the chakra system.

Do I need yoga equipment for this?

We recommend a few simple yoga tools, but they aren’t required (aside from a mat, definitely have that)! Allie will be using blocks and a blanket, but very sparingly and she’ll provide substitutions.

Where do the live trainings happen?

Zoom, it’s our favorite platform for intimacy and we love gallery view.

How is this different from Youtube or the free challenges you offer?

This is way different than doing random yoga classes alone in your living room. With the challenge community, you’ll practice yoga on & off the mat, learn holistic tools, and receive the encouragement and accountability needed to have an empowering detox experience.

How long will I have access to the materials?

The BMS Detox Challenge is intended to be completed during the live event, September 2022, however you can still access the classes & replays a few days after the challenge ends. After that, the content will be exclusive to the BMS Studio membership where we hope to continue supporting you.

This only happens twice a year.
Will you be there?

It’s time to ditch watered down yoga, build your empowering toolkit, and reclaim your wholeness.